Case studies

Hear the stories from our customers about how their last goodbye experiences with us went.

“We sent him off to the space virtually.”

“I joined the club from my friend’s recommendation and very satisfied with it! I just had the ritual for my grandfather 3 months ago. He was an astronaut so we chose to hold an event in a ‘travel to space’ theme. Saying goodbye and seeing him off to travel to the planet. We chose to have him in the interactive form of a hologram in the simulation room of a space station. All friends and family were there, physically and virtually and we talked about our favourite memory with him. In the end, we all cried a bit then send him to the ship. It was beautiful.” - Anne (29)

“The last goodnight kiss to our son”

“We just had a ritual for our lated son who passed away in an accident. We came up with an idea of playing a football match with him before sending him to bed for one last time. We invited a small group of his friends to play football match in the VR virtual room then had a last moment to send him off to bed with a hologram projector in his bedroom in our own house. It was very emotional and it felt so real. I felt relieved somehow to have a chance to say my last goodbye to him because his death was so sudden.” - Henry (43)

“A walk to join my mother in heaven”

“My dog, Lucky, was my best friend. I got her when I was in high school and I cried so much when I lost her 2 weeks ago. I sent all of my videos and photos of her to the club and let it transform into the interactive memory in the VR room. She looked so real! I cried a bit when I saw her again and she responded to me like she did when she was alive, even though I knew it was just a memory. I set the theme to be the park where I used to walk her everyday. I walked with her and then petted her for one last time before letting her run to join my mum, who passed away 2 years ago. I really missed both of them” - Tory (24)

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