About us

The Last Goodbye Club was found in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic happened. The pandemic had disrupted our life in many aspects globally; travelling was prohibited, physical contact was limited, and funerals had become more lonely than ever when no one could travel to attend them. The early digital ritual could not fulfil what the physical ritual has offered us in pre-COVID where it was lacked of interactive participation.

We believe that the digital ritual can be as meaningful and fulfilling as a physical one with the right toolset of technology, make an experience of digital funeral be a positive celebrating moment.

The Last Goodbye Club is a pioneer in digital ritual services which offers a full-immersive experience that a physical ritual could never do. We use many forms of technology including machine learning and an artificial intelligence to transform pre-existing data. We also believe the last goodbye is a moment to celebrate the best memory of your loved ones and the ritual can be different for each person. We offers a free consultation with our narrative-experience designers to make the ritual the best for you and your loved one.

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